Wish list as of July 24th, 2001

If you have any of these computers, working or not. I could be interested. Just make sure the price is realistic. Very few vintage computers have much value and still thats usually a fraction of the price it was worth when it was new. I am not in this for the money. I don't think my collection is worth a lot right now and I don't think it will be worth a whole lot ever...well not before I am dead. I do this for the pure pleasure of collecting and restoring and trying these systems out...

Don't hesitate to write to me anyways...Even if it's something I already have, I might use it to trade with another collectors...for something I don't have...

Wish List:
Apple : III, I, II, Lisa
Apple MAC : Color Classic II
Atari : 1200XL
TRS80/Tandy : Model I expansion box and drives, TRS80 model III with floppy drives, IV,16...also.
NEXT box
Exidy Sorcerer
Any "Home Computer" from the 197x-198x I dont already have
Any CP/M system is also of interest to me...
Sun Microsystem computers and Silicon Graphics semi-obsolete systems are also now one of my new interests...well rather anything not x86 type can possibly interest me...

Always interested in old computer mags from the 1970's and early 1980's.

Thanks for reading